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  • New alarm system
    05/11/2022 0 Comments
    New alarm system

    Introducing our newly available alarm system. In addition to our standard alarm systems, this also offers: 

    • Geofencing technology 
    • Auto video capture upon intruder detection 
    • Glass break detection 
    • Choice of black or white hardware 
    • Photo on demand capture  

    Given Clearline are SSAIB approved, this new system can be installed, fully SSAIB certified, at your home or business, reducing your insurance premiums.

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  • Interesting installations
    15/10/2022 0 Comments

    Some interesting installations this week - an 85 inch and two 65 inch TVs, on an old townhouse lath and plaster wall.  

    These certainly put our internal wall inspection tools to good use. 
    Happy that the final result required no wall cutting at all 

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  • Office relocation
    23/08/2022 0 Comments
    Office relocation

    Happy to offer our assistance with this Office relocation in Inverclyde: 
    42 data points installed; Lan tested, distance tested and enabled through patch panel.  
    Fully HDBASET Compliant. 

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  •  Security installations
    25/05/2022 0 Comments
    Security installations

    Security installations on two properties today: 

    • Intruder alarms installed on both, with one linked to an NSI alarm receiving centre 
    • Internal camera linked on one of the systems, giving full coverage of any potential break in attempt 

    No monthly cost for our app or for maintenance (with faults remotely monitored) - this comes as standard with all our installations. 
    Grade 2 security system, PD662 for the uk market. No better system out there!  

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  • Security upgrade
    26/03/2022 0 Comments
    Security upgrade

    We at Clearline were happy to bring some much needed security to this beautiful house. 

    We removed the old Brookfield system, Installed a full Grade 2 insurance backed intruder alarm system, with remote configuration and notifications, Fitted a 4 camera “live guard” CCTV IP camera system, Configured sound and speech for night only. 


    • Audio recording
    • 24/7 full colour recording 
    • Acusense technology (preventing false alerts) 
    • No visible wiring  
    • Both alarm and cameras run off the one app 

    There is no monthly charge for maintenance on the app, cameras or intruder alarm. 
    The alarm will approximately run for 3/5 years without any servicing needed.  
    Can’t get a better system than this! 

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  • Townhouse full wifi coverage
    11/02/2022 0 Comments
    Townhouse full wifi coverage

    It has been a pleasure working at this 4 storey townhouse renovation recently! 

    At our first visit we installed Network cabling.  On our second, we fitted high-spec access points to every level of the house, configuring all network settings. 
    The property had poor wifi prior to our visit. Now each of the 21 rooms at this beautiful renovation has full wifi coverage! 

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  • Alarm take over
    04/01/2022 0 Comments
    Alarm take over

    A very happy new year from Clearline! 

    First day of 2022 brought us an alarm take over; customer was paying monthly maintenance on a defunct and faulty system. 

    • Alarm system replaced
    • Fully maintained by us  
    • No charge to run the app
    • Internal camera PIR detectors
    • Proximity tag reader fitted at entry
    • No monthly cost  
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  • 02/11/2021 0 Comments
    Home security

    Happy to bring some security and peace of mind to this beautiful home:

    • We installed Hikvision Colorvu 5mp cameras (full colour at night)
    • Fitted TV to the kitchen wall, with full motion Sanus bracketry
    • Moved the Fibre (to the premise) router from the builder’s installation site to the customer’s office upstairs

    With no cables visible - all internal cabling routed inside the wall cavity.

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  • 02/11/2021 0 Comments
    Hikvision Live-Guard

    Introducing a new product, Hikvision Live-Guard!

    This audio and strobe alert features:

    • 2-way audio
    • Colour at night cameras
    • Acusense technology with deep learning algorithms (limiting false alerts)

    Team together with the Ax Pro alarm system to get the extra security you need

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  • 25/10/2021 0 Comments
    Rectifying network issues

    Happy to rectify the network issues at this beautiful home. Fitted hard wired access points and distributed HD over the customer’s existing wiring infrastructure (sorting through the mountain of cables) to allow the customer to view a clear Sky picture.

    And TV fitted to wall.

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  • 18/08/2021 0 Comments
    Pro access point

    When you can’t go under, go over! No Wi-Fi signal in this customers out building. The before and after speed differences are incredible, from 0 to 229 meg download! Pro access point fitted, network enabled

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  • 20/06/2021 0 Comments
    Security solution

    Happy to install this security solution at this beautiful property in Glasgow:

    • Hikvision six ip camera system
    • Audio monitored
    • Acusense technology
    • No visible cabling
    • Monitored through Hik app
    • Serviced by us (Clearline) through web software
    • Approved Hikvision installer

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  • 24/04/2021 0 Comments
    Hikvision intruder alarms

    Being a Hikvision approved security (CCTV) installer for a while, we’re now happy to begin offering Hik’s new product, Hikvision intruder alarms.

    We were contacted around 9 months ago and asked if we’d be interested in trialling Hik’s new alarm system. Having fully tested the kit we’re excited to confirm that Clearline are now fully equipped and authorised and have begun installing Hikvision intruder alarms.

    These are state of the art; arguably the most comprehensive alarm system in the market, featuring:

    • PIRs with cameras - if the PIR picks up an intruder, photos are sent directly to the customer’s mobile phone instantly;
    • The alarm’s app, where the customer can monitor their system and switch the alarm on and off, from any location, is free of charge;
    • The app can also be paired with Hik CCTV systems, enabling a complete view of the customer’s entire security system in one place;
    • Compatibility with numerous add-ons such as water detection and panic buttons.

    We’re really looking forward to enhancing our customers’ properties’ security, providing complete peace of mind.

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  • 17/08/2020 0 Comments
    Hivision approved CCTV installers

    Clearline are now Hikvision approved CCTV installers. We attended a course late last month and passed the exam to become Hikvision certified. Coupled with our enhanced Disclosure you can be guaranteed a professional and secure CCTV installation from Clearline.

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  • 17/08/2020 0 Comments
    Signal issues resolved

    Three of our customers yesterday were all experiencing the
    same issue – months of interrupted Sky:

    · Signal loss

    · Numerous Sky and independent engineer visits with no fix

    · All of the dishes were facing trees

    · One customer had an external cable joint that was full of water

    We were able to solve these issues. We travelled to Balloch, East Kilbride and Paisley to re-do all of the installations:

    · Signal issues resolved

    · Re-installation of all cabling and dish sites

    · 150 meter cable route with all cabling fully trunked and buried.

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  • 17/08/2020 0 Comments
    Recent TV to wall installations

    All of our TV to wall installations have electrics fitted and certified cabling hidden as standard.

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  • 17/08/2020 0 Comments
    Work at height

    If Sky refuse your installation give us a call like this customer did – Sky Q dish upgrade on a four storey house. Clearline are fully “work at height” certified.

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  • 17/08/2020 0 Comments
    Back To Business

    We’re now back to work, where we can maintain an acceptable social distance, wearing full PPE and cleaning all work areas with anti-bacterial products.

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  • 29/10/2019 0 Comments
    Tenement roof installation

    Sky refused this customer in Glasgow’s west end’s installation for health and safety reasons so the customer contacted Clearline who installed their Sky Q dish on their four storey tenement roof.

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  • 29/09/2019 0 Comments
    Man cave: security, network and entertainment

    Man cave alert!

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  • 13/09/2019 0 Comments
    Retail business security enhancements

    Clearline were happy to increase this retail business establishment’s security this week:

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  • 13/08/2019 0 Comments
    Commercial installation

    Clearline also complete Commercial installations. 

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  • 16/07/2019 1 Comment
    TV Wall fit featuring full motion bracket

    2 TVs fitted to walls in the same Stewart Milne new build house today.

    Different installation types: one features a hidden Sky Q box (cables hidden to customer’s cupboard) and the other was fitted using a full motion bracket. But both have the same professional standard.

    Topped off with a much appreciated glowing review.

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  • 07/07/2019 0 Comments
    CCTV installation using Hikvision equipment

    We’ve been busy this week installing CCTV installations, all feature:

    • Hikvision equipment
    • 4 terabyte nvr recorder
    • Darkfighter cameras for low light levels
    • 4K cameras (8mp)
    • All controlled via Hik-Connect app for live view, playback and notifications
    • Fully monitored via smartphone 

    Call Clearline now for your free survey and quotation 0141 538 6756.

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  • 27/06/2019 0 Comments
    Wi-Fi access points to rectify signal issues

    We’re glad to have been given the opportunity to rectify our customer’s (Wi-Fi and Satellite) signal problems today that they’d been experiencing for years. The customer was unable to load videos online or even
    complete basic internet searches. Following a Wi-Fi test we found various dead spots and rectified them with:

    • Several Wi-Fi wired access points
    • Satellite dish re-sited on steel bracketry, dish replaced and installed out of range of the forest

    The customer’s signal improved massively!

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  • 27/01/2019 0 Comments
    Hydraulic TV lift to maximise space – impressive!

    Installed a hydraulic TV lift today to maximise kitchen/dining space. When the cupboard is closed the TV is fully concealed. Upon the click of a button the TV “pops up” out of the worktop – and is fully retractable again upon another click.

    See the video of the hydraulic TV lift in action here:

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